Carpet cleaning West London.com testimonials are real, Fact! Please read all the following testimonials and judge for yourselves as to whether we have the X Factor, these are from residential carpet cleaning clients and our carpet cleaning in North London clients. We can also prove that all testimonials sent in to us here at carpet cleaning West London.Com are 100 percent genuine, and we are more than happy to prove this to you at your home or office by showing you the originals.  



 ”I would like to say that I have had all my carpets cleaned by Mr Thomas. I was impressed by his leaflet and the phone-in information and took the risk to book him without knowing anything more about him.

I am thrilled: my old and dirty carpets look virtually new despite an enormous amount of staining, and I can hardly believe they are the same. The colour has changed, they are two tones lighter. The transformation is particularly amazing in the carpets with the longer pile.

Mr Thomas is a considerate and conscientious man who will take care of your home while he is working. He is not a clock- watcher and will work till he has reached the standard he is aiming for. His prices are reasonable and you will get value for money.

Go ahead, you will not regret it! I am happy for him to give you my email address if you would like to contact me”

Mrs Sonia Sampson, 

St.Johns Wood

“This is just to say how absolutely delighted Bernard and I are with the carpet cleaning that you did for us on Thursday.

We are amazed how wonderful the carpets look. As good as new! They had 8 years of dirt accumulated and we were not that hopeful that they would come very clean but you really did a fantastic job.

Even all the black draught marks came out. They are looking really great. All the products that you used were very effective and the treatment that you gave the carpets at the end really fluffed them up and made them very springy to walk on- just like when they were new!

In addition to all that you worked so hard without stopping and did such a careful and conscientious job, we were extremely impressed.

You also took great care of everything in the house when you were moving all your equipment and I don’t know how you managed to be so neat and tidy when you had 5 floors of stairs to do.

I will be recommending you to everyone I know who might need their carpets cleaned. We would like to say a very big thank you to you and your brother.”

Frances and Bernard,  

Primrose Hill

“As you know Peter I was considering getting rid of the carpet because of the awful stains on it. But WOW, you really did give it the Rolls Royce treatment.

Wood Green  

We’ve had carpet cleaning before but never this thorough. You worked really hard on it. Thank you so much. 

We do just have one small problem now, the gleaming new carpet doesn’t fit the wall colour scheme, and do you do decorating?

Hey Peter, please feel free to use this heartfelt comment in your advertising and I already have two more customers for you. Will call you about them. Thanks again.”

Christofora, Maria and Athena

Wood Green  

“Dear Peter I have been satisfied beyond my expectations by your carpet cleaning as well as by your prompt and friendly service.

I have used other carpet cleaners before and there is no comparison to be made with your company. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.

Thank you for your follow-up work. You promised in your flyer that you would return until your client was satisfied and I see that you kept your word down to the spirit”.

Best regards



“Dear Peter

I am delighted with the appearance of my carpets after you’re cleaning. They look brand new and most of the old stains have been removed … In fact, the carpet is so ’sparkling clean’ that I am now afraid to walk on it in case I dirty it again!

Thank you and Micheal for all the hard work and effort you have painstaking put in for the whole of today to get my carpets into this condition!”

Best regards

Sylvia Shaw


“Dear Peter

Thank you very much for cleaning my carpets – it made a big difference. The carpets look really good now.

Also thank you for your patience in putting the furniture back exactly.”

With best wishes

Susan Cook


“Dear Peter,

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