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Carpet cleaning West London.Com, have the  X Factor  when it comes to our Rug cleaning Service.Choosing a professional company to clean your rugs is a must. Knowing what to ask and look out for will give you the consumer an advantage. 

Ask  any carpet cleaning in West London company if they clean rugs. This may seem like a silly question but do not presume that because a company knows how to clean your carpets that they will automatically know how to clean your rugs also.

Genuine Oriental rugs come from Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, and Turkey, some of the southern territories of the old Soviet like Azerbaijan or Armenia. Also Balkan countries like Romania and Albania, and some North African countries like Morocco and Egypt.

As a consumer you need to know that the rug cleaning service you receive will be the best! How do you know that the cleaning companies, and those who they send to your home are fully trained? are they willing to show you certificates to prove that they have been fully trained? 

The cleaning procedure will vary depending on what type of rug you have. Some rugs will bleed when they are cleaned and therefore need to be cleaned using a low moisture method like Dry compound. 

If you have a silk rug ask the company do they have experience cleaning silk rugs, because again the method of cleaning is different. 

Generally speaking heat is a cleaning ally. Hot water penetrates better and dries faster but as I said earlier using heat on certain types of rugs will not be possible because of the damage it can do. 

A silk rug for example may be safer to clean using a dry solvent but only an individual trained in cleaning silk rugs will know that and how to proceed in doing it! 

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