Carpet cleaning West London, are wondering if your  carpets are looking tired and worse for wear? Do you sometimes find yourself looking down at your carpets wondering if those black marks will ever come out? Are you on the brink of purchasing new carpeting because the one’s you have look too dirty and heavily stained?

Don’t despair! Thorough, Skilful and professional cleaning will truly transform them! With us, Carpet Cleaning West London.Com , you’ll receive the most thorough and transforming cleaning ever! We know that our cleaning is the best you could ever have. – if you don’t agree we won’t accept your payment. If any marks reappear after our cleaning we’ll return and re-clean FREE. If you’re still not happy we’ll refund every penny. We are confident that we provide the best carpet cleaning services London has to offer.We aim to provide the best services for carpet cleaning in West London, (to see the areas we cover click on Areas we cover in the menu – all areas 20 mile radius) Upholstery Cleaning service, Rug and leather Cleaning.Still not sure whether to call? Click on videos in the menu above where you will see a picture of me, Peter Thomas, with Anthea Turner from BBC’S Perfect Housewife giving you the consumer more advice on carpet cleaning in West London, and what questions to ask other companies if you are looking for a quote.

If you’re serious about carpet cleaning West London.com, but worried that we may not be as good as we say we are, why not see what our clients say about us under the testimonials button in the menu above?

We totally understand your concerns. That’s why we are willing to clean a room up to 200 square feet for FREE! just to prove we can make your carpets look like new again. We can not be fairer than that. Simply call and ask to speak to Peter.



             free Consumer Information Line


Don’t call any carpet cleaning company until you’ve listened to this 24 hr

free phone recorded message:

The Consumer’s Guide To Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning!

Listen to this message and you’ll learn:

How to avoid 4 Carpet Cleaning Rip- off’s

6 Costly Cleaning Misconceptions

6 Questions you should ask a carpet cleaner before you invite him or her into your home.

The one thing to avoid if you ever want to find a good carpet cleaner.


                           0800 612 8827



By listening to the above Free Consumers Information Line you will also learn the following: 


·         Revealed : Which is the best method to clean your carpets? 



·         Proof: Not all carpet cleaning companies are the same! 


·         Not all companies offer the same upholstery cleaning service! 

·         How to spot good or bad carpet cleaning West London company, are they going to vacuum, pre- spray, and agitate your carpets before they even make an attempt to clean them? as the industry requires?



·         What does Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh have in common? They all would want their carpets cleaned professionally don’t you? When it comes to carpet cleaning we have the X Factor! 

Make your carpets last longer and stain resistant by having them Scotch Guarded by us. We will also leave you a free bottle of spotter in case something should spill on the carpets.

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